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Player Nickname: Emma
Player LJ: [livejournal.com profile] atraphoenix
AIM: atravenenum
Email: atraphoenix@hotmail.co.uk

Character: Drusilla
Fandom: Angel / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Current Canon Point: Following Darla's resurrection.

History: Drusilla was born into a moderately wealthy Catholic family in 19th century, but her potentially idyllic life was soiled by her psychic gifts. Born with the Sight – the ability to see visions of the future – Drusilla considered herself wicked and desired to enter a convent and cleanse herself. Before she had the chance, however, she attracted the attention of two infamous vampires, Angelus and Darla. Attracted by her purity and by the fact that she had the potential for sainthood, Angelus began to pursue her relentlessly, torturing and killing her entire family in the process. She fled to a convent, but, on the day she was to take her vows, Angelus broke in and forced her to watch as he massacred the nuns. Her thin grip on reality finally snapped and Angelus sired her in order to preserve his ‘masterpiece’. Death would have been instantaneous, but he wanted Drusilla, who had been driven mad by his attentions, to suffer a more eternal sort of torment.

Drusilla proceeded to accompany Angelus and Darla on their travels across Europe, and, in 1880, sired a vampire of her own, the young poet William, later known as Spike. The four cut a bloody trail through Europe and Asia, feared and respected by other vampires and earning the nickname of “the whirlwind”. Drusilla and Spike eventually separated from Angelus and Darla during the Boxer Rebellion in China. They struck out on their own, remaining unaware of the fact that the soul of the former had been restored in retaliation for his murderer of a young gypsy girl.

For almost a century, the pair rampaged across the globe, killing and revelling in the mess that they made. They visited numerous countries and had numerous bloody adventures, before an unfortunate encounter with a vicious mob in Prague. Although Drusilla was rescued by Spike, she was severely injured in the attack and the devoted pair travelled to the Sunnydale Hellmouth in search of a way to restore her strength.

This cure for her condition eventually came in the form of a ritual involving the blood of her sire, now known as Angel, which they obtained following a number of altercations with Buffy Summers – Sunnydale’s resident vampire slayer – and her friends. It was Angel’s relationship with Buffy that had led him to stake Darla prior to their arrival in Sunnydale and it was this same relationship that went some way towards restoring the infamous family. Angel lost his soul and returned to his former wicked ways after experiencing a moment of perfect happiness with the Slayer. He soon resumed his place in Drusilla’s affections and united with his child and her mate on a quest to destroy the world.

Spike, unhappy with this turn of events and eager to have his lover to himself again, teamed up with Buffy in exchange for safe passage from Sunnydale for himself and Drusilla. Leaving Sunnydale – and Angelus’s defeat – behind them, the pair headed to South America where they attempted to return to their life of bloodshed and destruction. They weren't successful. After a series of visions and a growing sense of awareness that she could no longer ignore, Drusilla became aware that Spike’s increasing obsession with Buffy was more than a desire for revenge. It was as if she had infected him like a parasite, tainting his wickedness and leaving her unable to stand the taste on his lips. She realised Spike’s feelings for Buffy before he did and, consequently, abandoned her lover and struck out alone.

Eventually, Drusilla was contacted the lawfirm of Wolfram and Hart. They had resurrected the decreased Darla as a human in an attempt to manipulate Angel and Drusilla was more than happy to return to Los Angeles and sire her grandmother once more. They began a life of gleeful slaughter – and entertained hopes of bringing their old family back together again – but, after the allowing them to slaughter a large number of Wolfram and Hart’s lawyers, Angel put a stop to their rampage by setting them both alight. Badly burned, the two retreated to lick their wounds. Darla continued to manipulate Angel in the hopes of restoring Angelus and Drusilla entertained hopes of having her full family of four back again.

Once she was capable of travel, she returned to Sunnydale in search of him. Spike, however, was less than eager to join her once more. He even went as far as to offer to stake her to prove his love for Buffy and a resigned – though obviously upset – Drusilla realised that it was too late to save him. She returned to LA and to Darla, but even that couldn’t last. As Darla’s stomach began to swell with Angel’s child, Drusilla came to realise that she was no longer welcome there. She had no choice but to set off and paint the world red on her own.

Personality: Dru is mad. There’s no getting around that, even if it isn’t entirely cut and dried. Drusilla was sired by Angelus after months of relentless pursuit and torture. An ensouled Angel once remarked that she was the “worst” thing he created as a vampire, so we can only guess what a lot of this torture included. (In fact, she often displays what is known as ‘dissociative behaviour’, which is common in children who have suffered through traumatic experiences. She retreats into a world of her own when things become difficult or upsetting and lavishes a great deal of affection on her beloved dolls.) We do know that he murdered her family, and, when she fled to a convent in search of sanctuary, forced her to watch as he massacred the nuns and slept with his partner Darla. Her grip on reality – which, thanks to her gift of Sight, had always been tentative at best – simply snapped.

Because Angelus snatched away her childhood, the vampiric Drusilla has many childlike attributes. She collects dolls and likes ‘cute’ things such as puppies and kittens, though she has no concept of how to care for her pets properly and feels no remorse when confronted with death. Like (almost) all of the Buffyverse vampires, she has no soul and is therefore inherently evil. She’ll sweetly sing nursery rhymes while torturing somebody and is generally at her happiest when a lovely bit of mass destruction is going on around her. Her language – often rather innocent, peppered with nonsense words, songs and nursery rhymes – masks her true wickedness and her bloodthirsty nature.

Prior to being discovered by Angelus, Drusilla was a pure and virtuous Catholic (with a potential for sainthood, as a matter-of-fact). However, her desire to enter a convent was motivated by her desire to cleanse herself as much as by her piety. She considered her visions of the future to be wicked – something Angelus preyed on during his pursuit, whispering that she was a child of the devil and that the devil himself had given her those gifts – and believed that they made her an “evil thing”. Her feverish religious devotion was a way of making up for that. These days, however, she revels in her wickedness. She was not only born to be evil, but crafted to be evil by Angelus, the person she loves most in the world. During his systematic and torturous creation of Drusilla, he made her unfailingly loyal and completely devoted to him.

(For this reason, she has a great deal of hate for those who took Angelus away from her and keep him imprisoned behind Angel’s soul and conscience. But she is also drawn to the bits of Angel that are familiar and won’t let anyone kill him in the hope that her father will be returned to her one day.)

She loves the rest of her ersatz family – the vampire family that replaced the human family that Angelus murdered – almost as much. Although Angelus comes first, she is still loyal to and affectionate towards her ‘grandmother’ Darla and her “darling deadly boy” Spike. Vampires without souls are capable of love and Drusilla is very good example of that, but her idea of love tends to be as dangerous and twisted as she is. She can think of nothing better than bloody slaughter to celebrate it and has no real concept of fidelity. Furthermore, Drusilla is the sort of person who needs somebody to take care of her. Although she is cunning, vicious and, despite her madness, intelligent enough to survive on her own, she doesn’t particularly want to. She puts a great deal of faith in family – she refuses to lose another one - and isn't entirely comfortable on her own. As far as she is concerned, that isn’t the way things are supposed to work.

Other: Drusilla has what is canonically known as the Sight, which means that she is able to see visions of the future. They’re not particularly selective and she can’t choose what she sees, how much she sees or when she sees them. Consequently, she often finds them rather distressing and, more often than not, her cryptic comments can’t be interpreted without the benefit of hindsight. (When they are interpreted, people often misunderstand her or read her comments in a way other than the one that was intended. She has a way of speaking that is all her own and some people require a translator – usually someone who knows her well enough to have adapted to her peculiarities – to understand her.)

As well as her visions, Drusilla has a variety of other handy psychic abilities. In particular, she has a knack for hypnosis and telepathy, which is seen when she mesmerises the Slayer Kendra and when she convinces Rupert Giles that she is his deceased lover. She also has the standard strengths of a Buffyverse vampire. She’s immortal – unless she’s exposed to sunlight or staked in the chest, that is – and has physical strength far beyond the human norm, as well as longevity and the ability to regenerate. Her weaknesses include holy water, the aforementioned sunlight and the inability to enter a dwelling without an invitation.

Additional Links: The Buffyverse Wiki is probably the best online resource available, in addition to the episodes of both Buffy and Angel that Drusilla appears in.

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