Jun. 1st, 2011

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Player Nickname: Emma
Player LJ: [livejournal.com profile] atraphoenix
AIM: atravenenum
Email: atraphoenix@hotmail.co.uk

Character: Drusilla
Fandom: Angel / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Current Canon Point: Following Darla's resurrection.

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It was raining in Prague. Their suite was bright and golden – just like the pretty little girl that Spike had found for their supper – but the greyness of the skies and bleakness of the sodden city seeped in through the curtains. It was almost enough to choke Drusilla. It filled up her head until she wanted to scream with frustration. The heavens shouldn’t have opened. They were supposed to remain closed to the likes of her. She’d been marked for the devil from the day of her birth and claimed by him forever on the day of her death. When she’d risen from the ground, as white as a ghost and with soil in her hair, she’d stepped forward without ever looking back towards the light that she’d lost.

(“Don’t worry, princess,” Spike had murmured, kissing her bare shoulder as he sprawled out on the bed beside her. “The rain’ll clear up soon and then we can go out and find out who’s worth killing in this city.”)

She was lucky to have her darling deadly boy. They never had any difficulty entertaining themselves, though he’d drifted off to sleep now. She must have tired him out. )


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