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Character Information

Character Name: Drusilla (AU)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chronology: Drusilla is canonical up to her appearance in the episode 'Becoming: Part II' in the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She deviates somewhat after that, although the events of her universe roughly follow the events of the next few seasons.

Background: Drusilla was born into a moderately wealthy Catholic family in 19th century, but her idyllic life was soiled by her psychic gifts. Born with the Sight – the ability to see visions of the future – Drusilla considered herself wicked and desired to enter a convent and cleanse herself. Before she had the chance, however, she attracted the attention of vampires Angelus and Darla. Attracted by her purity, Angelus began to pursue her relentlessly, torturing and killing her entire family in the process. She fled to a convent in Prague, but, on the day she was to take her vows, Angelus broke in and forced her to watch as he massacred the nuns. Her thin grip on reality finally snapped and Angelus sired her in order to preserve his ‘masterpiece’.

Drusilla proceeded to accompany Angelus and Darla on their travels across Europe, and, in 1880, sired a vampire of her own, the young poet William (later known as Spike). The four cut a bloody trail through Europe and Asia, but the couple eventually separated from Angelus and Darla (unaware of the former’s ensoulment). They rampaged across the globe for almost a century before encountering a vicious mob in Prague. Drusilla was severely injured during the encounter and she and Spike travelled to the Sunnydale Hellmouth in search of a cure.

This cure eventually came in the form of the blood of her sire, who eventually lost his soul again and joined Spike and Drusilla on a quest to destroy the world. Spike, unhappy with this turn of events and eager to have his lover to himself again, teamed up with the Slayer, Buffy, to save the world in exchange for safe passage from Sunnydale. The pair headed to South America where they attempted to return to their life of bloodshed and destruction. They weren't successful. After a series of visions and a growing sense of awareness that she could no longer ignore, Drusilla began to realise the she was covered in the hated Slayer. It was as if Buffy Summers had infected her, like some sort of parasite. Drusilla knew that she wouldn't be comfortable in her own skin until Sunnydale's protector was dead. Hastily parting from an oblivious Spike - and intending to track him down once she was all better - Drusilla returned to Sunnydale in search of Buffy. Instead, she was found and captured by a team of government-funded scientific researchers known as ‘the Initiative'. They fitted her with a cerebral microchip that caused her to feel intense waves of pain whenever she attacked – or even prepared to attack – a human.

Broken, confused and frightened, Drusilla had no choice but to turn to the very human she’d intended to kill. To the horror of the Scooby Gang, Buffy provided Drusilla with a place to live – the basement of her house – and a decent supply of pig’s blood. It was that or turn her loose into the world, and Buffy found that she couldn’t take the third option and stake such a pitiful creature.

Eventually, Drusilla began to curb her violent nature - enough to be allowed out of the cellar, anyway - and began to take part in the Scooby Gang’s activities. At first, she would have betrayed any of them to get the chip out of her head, but, as time and the opportunity passed, she contented herself with killing demons to curb her bloodlust and keeping a constant eye on Buffy. Before the Key, Dawn Summers, was sent to Sunnydale, Drusilla made various cryptic comments that sailed directly over Buffy's head. Afterwards, she joined in the fight against Glory eagerly, apparently excited by the chance to clash with a god but in fact equally eager to get to the future – a dead, broken Slayer scrambling out of her own grave, ripe for the taking – that she’d been lucky enough to see. (She didn’t tell Buffy about that vision. She didn’t want to spoil the surprise.)

Personality: Dru is mad. There’s no getting around that, even if it isn’t entirely cut and dried. Drusilla was sired by Angelus after months of relentless pursuit and torture. An ensouled Angel once remarked that she was the “worst” thing he created as a vampire, so we can only guess what a lot of this torture included. (In fact, she often displays what is known as ‘dissociative behaviour’, which is common in children who have suffered through traumatic experiences. She retreats into a world of her own when things become difficult or upsetting, and pours a great deal into her beloved dolls.) We do know that he murdered her family, and, when she fled to a convent, forced her to watch as he massacred the nuns and slept with his partner Darla. Her grip on reality – which, thanks to her gift of Sight, had always been tentative at best – simply snapped. Angelus also snatched away her childhood, and, consequently, the vampiric Drusilla has many childlike attributes. She collects dolls and likes ‘cute’ things such as puppies and kittens. However, like (almost) all of the Buffyverse vampires, she has no soul and is therefore inherently evil. She’ll happily sing nursery rhymes while torturing somebody and is generally happiest when a lovely bit of mass destruction is going on around her. Her language – often rather innocent, peppered with nonsense words and songs – generally masks her true wickedness.

Prior to being discovered by Angelus, Drusilla was a pure and virtuous Catholic (with a potential for sainthood, as a matter-of-fact). However, her desire to enter a convent was motivated by her desire to cleanse herself as much as by her piety. She considered her visions of the future to be wicked – something Angelus preyed on during his pursuit – and believed that they made her an “evil thing”. Her feverous religious devotion was a way of making up for that.

Since being fitted with the chip, Drusilla has really had no choice but to undergo several changes. With her Daddy gone and Spike goodness knows where, she was forced to turn to – of all people – the Slayer, Buffy Summers. Despite her own better judgement, Buffy has been taking care of Drusilla – providing her with a bed in the cellar and ample supplies of pig’s blood, for example – and treating her, more or less, like something between a ward and a prisoner. Like Spike in the canonical show, Drusilla’s feelings towards Buffy have changed over the course of her imprisonment (though, being Dru, she is a lot less obvious and a lot more creepy about it). She has come to rely on the Slayer and, in her own way, attempts to use her visions to lend a hand when it comes to Scooby Gang activities. Drusilla is the sort of person who needs somebody to take care of her. Although Drusilla is probably – and, in the show, is definitely – cunning and vicious enough to survive on her own, she doesn’t want to. The chip left her weak, the weakness left her frightened and Buffy ended up – entirely unintentionally – taking over Spike’s role as Dru’s protector. She puts a great deal of faith in family - probably because Angelus destroyed her human family - and isn't entirely comfortable on her own.

Abilities and Weaknesses: Drusilla has the Sight, and, as well as being able to see visions of the future, she has a variety of other handy psychic abilities. In particular, she has a knack for hypnosis and telepathy, which is seen when she mesmerises the Slayer Kendra and when she convinces Rupert Giles that she is his deceased lover. Her visions, however, are not particularly selective. She can’t choose what she sees, or when, and often finds them rather distressing. Occasionally her cryptic comments can’t be interpreted without the benefit of hindsight. More often than not, people interpret them in a way other than the one Drusilla intended.

She also has the standard strengths of a Buffyverse vampire. She’s immortal – unless she’s exposed to sunlight or staked in the chest, that is – and has physical strength far beyond the human norm, as well as longevity and the ability to regenerate. Her weaknesses including holy water, the aforementioned sunlight and the inability to enter a dwelling without an invitation. After being captured by the Initiative, she was fitted with a microchip that prevented violence – and, unfortunately for Dru, violent thoughts and intentions – towards humans. Although she can still fight demons and those with demon blood, it is difficult, if not impossible, for her to hurt humans without getting one hell of headache.

Programmed Possession: Sunnydale Playground

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