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Dreaming Comes Easily

dreaming comes so easily / ‘cause it’s all i’ve ever known / i’m damaged so how would i know? / you can’t take back what you’ve taken away / i was just a little girl, but i can’t go back

This is, in my opinion, the definitive song for Drusilla. The lyrics cover both her visions and her fate at the hands of Angelus, and the haunting quality of the music is also rather appropriate.

Ice Queen
Within Temptation
she’s coming / you better keep moving / she comes at night when you’re all alone / and when she whispers / your blood shall run cold / you better hide before she finds you

I'd certainly be frightened if Drusilla ever took a fancy to me. I think her apparent innocence and occasionally childlike behaviour is what makes her one of the most dangerous vampires in the Buffyverse. She doesn't look like a threat. Until she gets close, of course, and then it's too late.

Even Deeper
Nine Inch Nails
i woke up today / to find myself in the other place/ it seems everything i’ve ever heard / just might be true

This song deals with her sight before she became a vampire. In my personal canon, she wasn't entirely stable to begin with (Angelus was happy to push her over the edge, that's all). It can't have been easy to grow up with knowledge from the 'devil' appearing directly into your head, especially for a strict Catholic.

i’m made of hair and bone and little teeth / i think i cannot speak / silver tight like spider legs / i never wanted it to ever spoil / but flies will lay their eggs

This song wasn't necessarily written for Dru, but it could very easily have been written by her. The odd lyrics, the eerie music ... perfect, really. For a given definition of 'perfect'.

I Want My Innocence Back
Emilie Autumn
i want my innocence back / and if you can’t give it to me / i will cut you down / if you can’t pacify me / i will break your bones

There's a reason Drusilla is drawn towards children. They're innocent. They're everything she was and everything she no longer is. She's searching for something in their blood and, when she repeatedly fails to find it, she gets angry.

A Million Ways
teasing, toying, chatting, charming / hissing, playing the crowd / oh such grace, oh such beauty / you’re a million ways to be cruel / precious, suspicious, charming and vicious / you’re a million ways to be cruel

She is. She enjoys it, too.

Use Me
people have funny things / swimming inside / they swing like pendulums / they turn the tides

I know Drusilla is insane. That's what makes her so difficult to play. You can't just spout a bit of nonsense and make her dance around a bit and leave it at that. There is a reason behind her madness. Even her strangest, most cryptic, statements stem from somewhere. She's perceptive. She just isn't very good at communicating it. (Darla, Angelus and Spike could have avoided a lot of trouble by listening more carefully.)

The Rest for the Wicked
Soho Dolls
live and let die / you’re born with hands tied / i can’t save your soul / for i lost mine long ago / let me crawl into your heart / sting myself and burn your nest / let me crawl into your heart / for the wicked get the rest

I must admit that it was difficult to stop this mix becoming slightly shippy, because Drusilla is defined in many ways by her relationships. Particularly her relationships with Spike and Angelus. (If you've seen this song before, that's why. It made an appearance in a fanmix I made for [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_sd last year.) This song basically conveys the fact that Dru is happy being evil. It's a lot easier now she can have her visions without feeling guilty. She can enjoy herself instead of spending hours with her rosary.


This is a very pretty instrumental piece. In a odd, haunting sort of way.
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