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Tell us about your name.

Grandmother Darla lost her name. Very careless of her. She didn’t remember to keep in her pocket, where the pixies couldn’t pull at it. Tricky little things, playing games with vampires who let the moon fill their heads with nonsense. Drusilla was too sensible for their tricks. She listened to them, letting them in so she could control where they wandered.

She can’t remember if her name has always been Drusilla, though. )
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What if Drusilla had been chipped by the Initiative instead of Spike?

Buffy wasn’t quite sure why – or, indeed, how – Drusilla had become her responsibility. The Initiative had experimented on a lot of demons. Only one of them had ended up living in her basement.

It was probably something to do with Angel. Or, rather, Angelus. He’d made her, and poor Angel still suffered for it. He’d even admitted that she was the worst thing he’d ever created. Buffy couldn’t help but feel that helping Drusilla helped him get a little closer to redemption, even if he was too far away to appreciate it.

Or maybe it was because it was so easy to feel sorry for Drusilla. What with the dolls and the big dark eyes and the penchant for slinky insubstantial nightdresses. Maybe Buffy just tried to rationalise it by attributing it to her feelings for Angel. Because, lets face it, volunteering to look after a soulless, psychotic vampire wasn’t at the top of the ‘best decisions’ list.

Still, she’d made her bed. Now she just had to make sure Drusilla didn’t slit her throat while she was lying in it. )

Prompt: What if ..?
Word Count: 2416


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